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Benefits of our e-learning courses

"Grow your business and enhance social well-being without harming the environment."

Sustainability Action Plan

With us you will get a ready to act Sustainability Action Plan for your company or organization. In our courses we will give you a comprehensive set of tools to draw a sustainability plan with concrete and measurable actions integrated into the SDGs and ESG impacts with short and long-term goals. 

Manage and measure performance

Choose from our courses that teach you how to use globally recognized frameworks, such as the GRI, SASB, GHG Protocol and CO2 footprint calculators. Take the course that suits your company’s needs. If a particular framework is missing, let us know as we are continuously producing new e-learning courses. 

Report and communicate

In our courses you will learn how to draw a transparent sustainability report that is not only credible but also insightful to read by all your stakeholders. We will provide you tools to communicate about sustainability transparently, clearly and efficiently avoiding vague & generic communication and even greenwashing.

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"SDG Monitor e-learning course was extremely helpful in organizing and prioritizing the data relevant to my business. It is a compact and efficient way to write a sustainability plan that is both impactful, easy to use and train to staff and communicate to stakeholders. I highly recommend the SDG-Monitor e-learning course to entrepreneurs and small business operators - great value of both time & money!"
"The e-learning webinar I attended was very helpful; particularly enjoyed the visual accompaniment (graphs, infographics etc.) which were sent to us after the webinar, and the fruitful Q&A in the comments. I think the webinar was structured and delivered in a very comprehensive manner."
sustainability marketing consultant, Green eyre
"Lovely course. Really succinct and professional and I learnt a lot. Thank you team SDG Monitor."
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Live Trainings and Free Webinars

Join a live training on How to draw a ready to act Sustainability Action Plan for your company or organization. Using our step-by-step template you can create measurable sustainability actions with ESG and SDG integration as well as short and long-term goals.  

Get inspired about sustainability and grow your network in one of our popular free webinars! Check the next dates and register below.

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