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SDG Monitor E-learning is the place to improve your skills and get ready to act tools in business sustainability. Whether you are a sustainability enthusiast, specialist, entrepreneur or you are just here to learn more, our courses are perfect for building your competence. We need to change how we think, how we do business, how we produce and consume products and services and start taking a short-term approach to sustainability. This is the decade of action, so start today!

Meet the team

Tuuli-Anna Tiuttu
M.Sc. Marketing, Content creation, Communication and Data visualization
Former OECD official having a background in digital solutions development and implementation projects coordination. Impact focused Sustainability Advisor and passionate about managing sustainability data and measuring actions performance. Data visualization, transparency and efficient communication practices are the keys in engaging stakeholders and helping companies in achieving their sustainability goals. Featured in CNBC Squawk Box UK and WomenTech Network global conference 2021 & 2022.
Johanna Catani
Ph.D. Sustainability Leadership and Communication Strategies
Executive for over 20 years within strategic communications and leadership, Johanna Catani has extensive experience on implementing concepts into business strategies and governmental policies. Even though Sustainable Development Goals are firstly meant for government purposes, Johanna believes that businesses are in a crucial role in realizing the Agenda 2030: There is a huge business potential for sustainable innovations, products and services and I want to help companies to grow their businesses and to enhance social well being without harming the environment.
Vilma Catani
M.Sc. Data Science in Engineering, Methodologies, Calculators & Digital tools
Having studied data science in engineering, my technical background has helped in developing current and future methodologies and functionalities of the SDG Monitor. I believe that data, measuring performance of sustainability actions, and transparent communication are the main enablers of any sustainability initiative. I still love taking online courses and learning at my own pace. Join our SDG Monitor e- learning community.
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what is the sdg monitor?

Discover the Sustainability performance measurement tool

Analyses your sustainability performance by pairing your actions with the SDGs and showing their ESG impact
Visualizes your actions into dashboards, so you can easily and transparently communicate your sustainability development with your stakeholders
Shows the trend of your performance by converting the data into index score, so that you see where you are ahead, on track or leaving behind
Engages all your stakeholders to contribute to data sharing and to build a sustainable culture together
Helps to manage all your sustainability data

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