From 21 September to 12 October 2022

Live training - Create a Sustainability Action Plan for your company

Live training where we help you to create a Sustainability Action Plan for your company or organization. Start your sustainability journey today!
  • Sustainability Action Plan
  • 4 efficient modules
  • 4 live training sessions
  • measurable actions and KPIs
  • SDG & ESG
  • short and long term goals
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Tangible outcome is your company's own Sustainability Action Plan with concrete and measurable actions!

  • 4 efficient modules
  • 4 live training sessions on Zoom à 1h & homework at your own time
  • Outcome: Sustainability Action Plan
  • Targeted for all size companies and organizations
  • All industries
  • Identify measurable actions and KPIs
  • Set short and long term goals 
  • integrate with SDG and ESG impacts
In this live training you will get a ready to act Sustainability Action Plan for your company or organization. We will give you a comprehensive set of tools to draw a sustainability plan with concrete and measurable actions integrated into the SDGs and ESG impacts with short and long-term goals. During the 4 weeks we will have one Zoom session per week where you will get all the necessary information and tools to create a sustainability plan, following a step-by-step template. All materials are distributed in advance and live session accessed through SDG Monitor E-learning Academy platform. Increase the business benefits, start your sustainability journey now!
4 Zoom sessions: 
*Kick off & Module 1 *
September 21st at 2pm CET
*Module 2 *
September 28th at 2pm CET
*Module 3 *
October 5th at 2pm CET
*Action Plan*
October 12th at 2pm CET

Join the live training next intake on 21st of  September 2022

Starting your sustainability journey has never been this simple! Watch the video ->
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"Creating inclusive reports like this are still something yet to happen in my industry here in my country (Bangladesh). This course has helped me truly visualize the direction I need to take with my team for an actionable, transparent and comparable report devoid of greenwashing through and through."
"SDG Monitor e-learning course was extremely helpful in organizing and prioritizing the data relevant to my business. It is a compact and efficient way to write a sustainability plan that is both impactful, easy to use and train to staff and communicate to stakeholders. I highly recommend the SDG-Monitor e-learning course to entrepreneurs and small business operators - great value of both time & money!"
"The e-learning webinar I attended was very helpful; particularly enjoyed the visual accompaniment (graphs, infographics etc.) which were sent to us after the webinar, and the fruitful Q&A in the comments. I think the webinar was structured and delivered in a very comprehensive manner."
"An excellent learning program (UN SDGs with concrete business cases) and every organization must take part in this course."
Meet the instructorS

Course instructor

Johanna Catani
Ph.D. Sustainability Leadership and Communication Strategies
Executive for over 20 years within strategic communications and leadership, Johanna Catani has extensive experience on implementing concepts into business strategies and governmental policies. Even though Sustainable Development Goals are firstly meant for government purposes, Johanna believes that businesses are in a crucial role in realizing the Agenda 2030: There is a huge business potential for sustainable innovations, products and services and I want to help companies to grow their businesses and to enhance social well being without harming the environment.

Sustainability. | Action. | Plan. 

Create a Sustainability Action Plan for your company today and start to generate long-term economic growth and enhance social well-being without harming the environment.

Outcome of this live training is a hands-on Sustainability Action Plan with concrete, measurable actions, SDG and ESG integration and short and long term goals.  

1:1 Sustainability Coaching

Does your company or organization need a Sustainability Action Plan? We can help.

Our way of working is agile and resource efficient,
it doesn't take much time and we want you to get going as soon as possible. With our 4 module process we help you to identify your ESG actions and your KPIs, what to measure. We have 231 sustainability indicators ready for you to choose from, so that you can start acting right away. Contact us and let's talk more.
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Tool to measure, manage and communicate sustainability performance

Discover SDG Monitor!

Analyses your sustainability performance by pairing your actions with the SDGs and showing their ESG impact
Visualizes your actions into dashboards, so you can easily and transparently communicate your sustainability development with your stakeholders
Shows the trend of your performance by converting the data into index score, so that you see where you are ahead, on track or leaving behind
Engages all your stakeholders to contribute to data sharing and to build a sustainable culture together
Helps to manage all your sustainability data
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